Easy Access for Everyone

Customers Travelling With Children

All our buses are easy access, have spacious and bright interiors and drivers will lower the entrance to help buggy users board and alight if required.

There is a flat floor at the front of the bus featuring tip-up seating and a standing area and this is where buggies should be parked.

Customers with Disabilities

Not all disabilities will be immediately apparent to our colleagues and it will help us to help you in such situations if you tell them that you need assistance. We welcome contact from customers who may not have used a bus for a while and would like to visit our bus depot by prior arrangement to familiarise themselves with the interior layouts of our buses.

All our buses have an access ramp for wheelchairs and a designated wheelchair space as well as a step-free entrance
and a flat floor at the front of the interior

Customers who are blind or visually impaired

We will gladly supply large print versions of bus timetable pages upon request.

We welcome trained assistance dogs on our buses.

Our very latest buses have internal screens which display the name of the next bus stop and play an audio announcement.

Our drivers will, upon request, tell a customer the service number and destination of their bus and call out the destination upon arrival.

Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Our drivers are trained to look directly at customers when communicating with them and will be pleased to exchange notes with customers if this helps.

Customers who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters

Our very latest buses have a call button to let the driver know that the access ramp is needed.

Our drivers will deploy the access ramp on to the kerb upon request, to facilitate wheelchair users boarding and alighting and will offer reasonable assistance, providing they judge it safe to do so.