Our Tickets

All of our drivers accept contactless payment cards and cash.

We have a range of tickets and passes to suit various travel needs.

Occasional travellers

Making a one-way trip? Buy a Single on the bus.

For a return trip on the same day, a DayRider *, DayRiderPlus or a Day Return (where available) is the best option.

* If travelling in two zones, or making 4 individual trips by changing routes in one zone.

More regular travellers

Making the same return trip once, or a few times, every week? Buy a Multi-DayRider or Multi-DayRiderPlus on a TravelCard.


Travelling 5 or more days a week? Buy TravelPass, TravelPassPlus or NetworkPass on a TravelCard.

Under 20s

Under 20 years old and travelling to school, college or work? Buy a Young Persons' TravelPass or Young Persons' TravlePassPlus on a Young Persons' TravelCard.

Under 5s

Up to four children under the age of 5 may travel free of charge accompanied by a fare paying adult.